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‘All islands have a boundary’: Experiences of higher education on small islands in and around the UK - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Lucas
Unfortunately, I have to go but really interesting to hear about this research and fascinating comparisons between these island locations.
Annabel Scott
Is your research continuing or is this project completed?
Nicholas Watts
Have you considered the parallels with decision-making by potential students in Small Island States, some of whom may face similar access challenges (physical and financial)?
Angela Little
question for Holly. Thks for a v interestin seminar. I need to be on mute because I am in a library on the Isle of Man. Did you interview students who chose to study on island and off island. If so, how did sample those who studied off island?
Annabel Scott
Thank you very much for a really interesting talk; I am very interested in this as someone who came from the Isle of Wight and is now bringing up my family in the Highlands of Scotland this research is very pertinent to me.
simon mcgrath
Thanks, Holly
Thank you so much for this session
Terra Sprague
Many thanks, Holly, for your presentation!