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Charles W. Mills: legacies of thought in Bristol - Shared screen with speaker view
Caroline Bardrick
Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us! This seminar is co-hosted by: Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE); Centre for Black Humanities; and the Education, Justice and Memory Network (EdJAM)Please note that this meeting will be recorded and shared on our websites. Please note that the chat will also be recorded and shared.
Caroline Bardrick
Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us! This seminar is co-hosted by: Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE); Centre for Black Humanities; and the Education, Justice and Memory Network (EdJAM)Please note that this meeting will be recorded and shared on our websites. Please note that the chat will also be recorded and shared.
Caroline Bardrick
Please use the chat function to introduce yourselves if you feel comfortable doing so and to contribute thoughts and comments, including introducing your own work as relevant to Mills. You may also use the chat function to ask any general questions - we will try to return to these in the discussion.If you wish to ask questions in person during the Q&A session at the end of the presentation, please use the ‘raise hand’ function.
Robin Shields (he/him)
Hi everyone, this I’m joining from the School of Education at Bristol. Thanks to the organisers and speakers for this wonderful event!
Rafael Mitchell
Me too, tuning in from Berkley Square. Thanks so much to the organisers & presenters for this important event!
Chloe Peacock
Hi everyone. Great to be here. I’ve just joined SPAIS at Bristol as a postdoc.
Rafael Mitchell
Congrats & welcome, Chloe!
Angeline Barrett
Hello Everyone. I'm in another office in BSq. Perhaps we should have arranged to be in the same room!
Rafael Mitchell
Here's a link to Zara's excellent paper - https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17449642.2018.1428716
Linda Martín Alcoff
What a beautiful and accurate overview, Zara, thank you.
Joanna Burch-Brown
Such a wonderful opening speech, Zara - thank you.
Rafael Mitchell
Sharon, we lost you!
Rafael Mitchell
Joanna Burch-Brown
By the way, just joining from the University of Bristol Philosophy Department. And wishing congratulations and welcome, Chloe! For those who don’t know, Chloe is joining us from an ESRC-funded University of Manchester research project that she has been doing with Gary Younge, Meghan Tinsley, Ruth Ramsden-Karelse, exploring processes of contesting and removing statues that memorialise histories of slavery and colonialism.
Thomas Salmon
Thank you Zara for your opening speech and tribute. 🙏
Elspeth Van Veeren
And Chloe will be returning to her PhD work on racial ignorance and UK criminal justice.
Chloe Peacock
Thanks v much Joanna and Elspeth! Looking forward to connecting with many of you this year
Rafael Mitchell
Thanks for such an insightful, disturbing & moving presentation, Sharon
Robin Shields (he/him)
Yes, thanks for sharing Sharon and Zara
Kal Alston
Thank you. Sharon. for the insights, connections, and embodied emotion.
Olga Mun
Thank you Sharon and thank you Zara for a beautiful opening speech and for continuing researching white ignorance and inspiring others to engage with the work by Charles Mills.
Thomas Salmon
Thank you Sharon for this beautiful tribute, for sharing your experience and insight, and inspiration 🙏
Kal Alston
Thanks, Foluke. So delighted that you inserted that quote from Lewis G (who introduced me —in real life — to Charles) about love.
Zara Bain
Just a heads up that I'm having some connection issues so I'm unable to see the chat: I saw glimpses of some messages both direct and general, and thank you so much for listening to my piece and to Sharon, Arathi and Foluke for their talks so far -- if you'd like to get in touch, please email me at zb14102@bristol.ac.uk, thank you
Julia Paulson
Thank you, Zara. I think we are having some bad connection luck. I have also been having trouble.
Foluke Adebisi
Thank you Kal! and Wow!
Zara Bain
Tentatively still in chat - fwiw Charles wrote a 2017 paper titled 'ideology' in the Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Injustice in which he engages Du Bois's veil of ignorance, which Elspeth has just mentioned https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9781315212043-10/ideology-charles-mills
Joanna Burch-Brown
Elspeth, Foluke, Arathi, Sharon, Zara, Julia - thank you all for such insightful, inspiring and moving contributions. My connection is patchy so I’m going to sign off but I’d love to listen to the rest of the recording later if possible. Wonderful event, thank you all.
Beautiful, moving tributes. Thanks to all the speakers
Bobbi Balogun
Thanks so much for this amazing panel. Mills' scholarship has been incredible in unpicking race and racism in many ways. The question is how do we begin to use Mills in places such as Central and Eastern Europe where race is perceived to take different trajectory compared to Western Europe and America?
Bobbi Balogun
Race and the Yugoslav Region: Postsocialist, Post-conflict, Postcolonial? Many thanks Zara.
Zara Bain
That sounds like the one, Bobbi! You're so welcome
Bobbi Balogun
Many thanks Linda, Brilliantly put!
Chloe Peacock
Really interested in your reflections Foluke - I’m thinking about how forms of ignorance are mobilised by the criminal justice system in legitimising its violent and racist policies and practices. Still thinking through this, but these alternative conceptions of justice seem really helpful in thinking bout some of the selective and forgetful framings of harm and justice that are so important in this process…
Chloe Peacock
And love the idea about the missing scenes - very helpful!
Thomas Salmon
I am so moved by Charles Mill's work, it inspired so many people, his own kindness and careful grappling with the roots of the problems he addressed, is so profound - as is his dedication to deep scholarship. Remembering him as that gentle giant, is fitting as it reminds us to learn to become scholars that can exemplify this kind of generosity, kindness and dedication to fundamental scholarship.
Kate Bracegirdle
I have to leave now, but thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, reflections and memories. I have found it very interesting and now have lots more to think about and read.
Arathi Sriprakash and Sharon Walker
Chloe - the paper by Mills on 'White Time' is fascinating... he argues that rectificatory justice is always cast as 'untimely'
Chloe Peacock
Thanks Arathi - wonderful
Robin Shields (he/him)
Thanks to all the speakers and everyone who joined!
Olga Mun
Thank you so much for this work and in solidarity. I am looking at the issues of epistemic injustice and justice in global academic knowledge production space and would be keen to stay in touch with the researchers from this group. Best wishes, Olga
Beth W. Kamunge-Kpodo
Thank you to all the speakers and everyone gathered.
Rowena Azada-Palacios
Thank you to everyone for so generously sharing your thoughts and work! And deepest condolences to all who loved him.
Emily Dowdeswell
Thank you for holding space for such a deeply moving, hopeful, caring and rigorous sharing today. It has been a privilege to attend today. What a fitting tribute to an extraordinary and exceptional scholar.
Arathi Sriprakash and Sharon Walker
A huge thank you to Julia for her wonderful chairing!!!
Chloe Peacock
Thank you so much everyone.